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Among the dragons there are three tiers of power. The three Greater Dragons claim ownership over the lands of Caldaire and its peoples.

Below them are the Lesser Dragons who each serve one of the three Greater Dragons in some capacity. Many have fiefdoms bestowed upon them for their service.

Finally, the rest known has Dragonkind are mostly independent, though they must show respect to the Greater Dragon who’s lands they dwell within.


There are nine city-states within the realm. Each has a ziggurat near its center dedicated to one of the three Greater Dragons. Hamlets and farmsteads surround each city and fall under their governance.

The Church of the Dragon-Gods

The Church of the Dragon-Gods is divide into six branches. The branches are ordered in a strict hierarchy and placement within a branch is based upon an individual’s talents and merit.

The Weave & The Universe


The light, the creator, positive energy
Sey is the force of creation and life; it comprises one half of the Weave. Life stems from Sey, all things are forged by the light of creation.


The shadow, the destroyer, negative energy
Sha’t is the force of destruction and death; it comprises one half of the Weave. Nothing last forever, the old make way for the young.

The Phoemeti People

A nomadic tribe of traders and craftsmen, the Phoemeti People help facilitate trade between the city-states. Their most known for their engineers who craft the best trade ships and wagons in the world.


A collection of information regarding creatures encountered in Caldaire.

Main Page

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